Build and develop empathy and critical-thinking capacity of Pakistanis

Theory of Change


if we engage with youth directly in a student-centric, fun and engaging programs, we will maximize our ability to foster empathy and critical thinking capacity amongst Pakistanis

The History Project, a Pakistani education organization focused on creating a global citizenry tolerant of differences and equipped with the ability to think critically about the abundant rhetoric of intolerance. Their mission is to introduce students in their formative years to competing narratives of national textbook history and help them develop an understanding of the historical context of identity, while building their capacity to become independent critical thinkers.

The History Project, in collaboration with a former Harvard professor, has developed curriculum that inspires empathy and critical thinking delivered through active learning workshops. THP’s Beyond the Classroom Program is a five week, activity based learning experience delivering results. They have influenced 2500 students in ~50 schools across Pakistan and more importantly, they've managed to get students to pay for their intervention, allowing them to scale on the back of their own revenues. Learn more about their teaching philosophy and approach here.

The History Project was founded by Qasim Aslam. Qasim is an Acumen Fellow and a tech entrepreneur, currently a partner at Arbisoft. Arbisoft develops rapid applications and mobile applications. A graduate of LUMS in Lahore, Qasim is also an Asia21 Emerging Leader and nominated as one of 30 under 30 changing classrooms by International Literacy Association.

The History Project, an educational entity based out of Cambridge (UK) and a member of Cambridge Social Ventures, juxtaposes competing history narratives to shake the notion of a rigid right / wrong in the minds of students in their formative years and, in collaboration with a former Harvard professor, has developed curriculum that inspires empathy and critical thinking amongst them.

Led by Asia21 Emerging Leader, Qasim Aslam, THP has established a positive impact in an attitudinal change amongst students towards marginalised and 'otherized' groups through M&E run by Asad Liaqat (PhD candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School) under the supervision of Dr. Asim Khwaja (Professor of Finance and Development at the Kennedy School).

The History Project's Beyond The Classroom accelerated learning program has been adopted by establishedinternational schools, and we are now looking forward to connect with more schools to broaden the impact.

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